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 How to make an complaint

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PostSubject: How to make an complaint   Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:43 pm

We are sorry for the fact that you had an unhappy time with guild and you feel the need to do an complaint...
Althrough,we understand you and we are ready to read what happened and make rightness for who is right!

Exclamation Making an complaint by posting it into the forums is punishable and will not be held in consideration
Exclamation For making an complaint you must have a forum account 

Question Estimated complaint answer time: ~3 days 

Complaint against a forum user:
Forum post/topic complaint:

Click the  icon in the right-up side of the post body that you want to report and select a reason.If the reason you are reporting for is not listed,select "Other" and if we don't figure out we might communicate with you in Private Message to solve the report.
Private messages complaint:
If an forum user is harassing you/spamming/advertising through the Private Message System you have to send an Private Message to an Warden(click).
The Private Message with the complaint must include:
-The Reason for complaint from Guild Policies 
-The Time and Date when the <<incident>> occured
-The whole quote of all PM's recieved and sended to/from that user from the start of the <<incident>> (you do not have to include personal PM's before <<incident>>)
Exclamation An Guild Master(click) might request you acces to your forum account to see the PM's(you change your password after) if needed!(We cannot see PM's from system due to the fact that they are secured)
Chatbox messages complaint:
If an user broke the Chatbox TOS and you feel the need to report it,you have to send a  Private Message to an Warden(click) 
Exclamation If the Chatbox Archieve with the message(s)are/is available  the proof is taken in consideration and not able to be contested

The Private Message with the complaint must include:
-The PrintScreen of the Chatbox 
-The Date and Time of the <<incident>>
-The forum Username of the user you are reporting
-The reason for complaint from TOS of Chatbox

Complaint against a guild member for in-game actions(You must have a forum account)
Arrow Do not send  any messages regarding the fact that you are making an complaint because you might have no more proofs after or you might get in another unconfortable situations(getting insulted for example)
Arrow You must have strong proofs in order to make an acusation and proove that you are right,proofs include videos mostly(like ones captured with Fraps or other software) or even PrintScreens(We cannot guarantee the authenticity of the printscreens so it is harder to make proof with them)
Arrow Guild Log is a 100% proof if the <<incident>> is still visible.Guild Log cannot be contested in any way.
Complaint must be send as Private Message to an Head Officer(Click) or Officer(click) (If there is no one send it to an Guild Master(click).Also if you think that an Officer or Head Officer is involved send it directly to an Guild Master(click)).

The complaint must include:
-The date and hour of the <<incident>>
-The name of players that you remember from the nearby of the <<incident>> (It is reccomanded to give name of the guildies if any,not other players)
-The Charactername of the player you are targeting accusations to
-The Officers involved(If there is any)
-The reason for complaint from Guild Policies 

-The character name that you played with when the <<incident>> happened
-As many proofs as you can(You can host videos on Youtube as private and images on "Host an image"   from the forum)
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How to make an complaint
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